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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Producer wannabe with SOULMATE Photography

السلام عليکم

Pagi2 I dah bangun, mula2 I plan nak balik kampung. Tetapi I batalkan niat itu untuk join my brother. Let my Ayah and Mama aje balik. Kalau I follow, alamatnya I tersangkut dalam satu acara. Jengjengjeng, acara apa tu? Hakhak segan I nak cerita. Apapun, I elaaaaaaaaaaak. Nasib baik my brother offer I join his team. Dah lama dia offer tapi I selalu aje sibuk dengan kerja2 yang tak pernah lekang. Selama ini, 'producer' hanya hulur aje, belum kesempatan nak join the team. And today, I'm ready to join you brother. Hehehe pandainyaaaaaaa

Awal2 dah sampai Dataran Merdeka, pick up talent yang bakal jadi model dalam project kali ni. Shoot belum start, tapi producer dah stress hahahaa

Coordinator on call, million thanks ya. Kalau Tete tak ada, we olls naik teksi la gamaknya. Cause my Baby dah selamat sampai kampung da...

Brunch before we start. Prosperity is coming. Nooommmnoooommm

Before start, sedikit kecelaruan berlaku. Producer pasang telinga kat belakang.. Wakakaka

He is my brother. Story maker, director, cameramen and blaablaablaaa

Tunjuk ajar ku sifu... Coordinator turun padang pulak.

Break time, kita minummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dulu....

Me and my brother. Producer and story maker, director, cameramen and blaablaablaaa

Its a wrap!! Alhamdulillah done!!

The team :: SOULMATE PHOTOGRAPHY ~ We See, We Speak, We Aware 

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